Lyrics for "Thine the Praise!"

Words by Fanny J. Crosby
Tune by Whitney V. Myers


Verse 1: Refrain after each verse:

Like the bird that sings at morning
When it ushers in the day,
Thus my heart, to Thee uplifted
Sings aloud its grateful lay.

O my Savior, through Thy Spirit
Thou has led me all my days;
Thou hast crowned my life with mercy --
Thine the glory, Thine the Praise!
Verse 2:  

Though the clouds may sometimes gather,
And through storms my path may be,
Yet I hear Thy voice above me,
And Thy ruling hand I see.

Verse 3:  

When these fleeting scenes are ended
And to earth I bid farewell,
When I reach Thy blessed kingdom,
And in nobler strains I’ll tell.



Words © 1977 by Hope Publishing Company. Used by permission.
Music © 2010 Whitney V. Myers, email:
Permission is granted to duplicate this music for free distribution for use in worship,
but not for resale. Please include this copyright and permission notice. 11April2017